KN95 Particle filtering half mask

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Particle filtering half mask consists of 5-layer non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics,nose bridge and ear loop. The five layers are folded and composed by non-woven fabric and melt-blown.

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Composition Color Raw material
Outer layer White
Non-woven fabric
Filter layer: melt blown White Melt-blown non-woven fabric
Filter layer: melt blown White Melt-blown non-woven fabric
Filter layer: Synthetic filter cotton White
Hot air cotton
Inner layer White Non-woven fabric

KN95 Protective Mask Description:
1.Disposable KN95 masks, breathable,anti dust,sanitary and convenient for using.
2.The inner layer of activated carbon can filter harmful gases or odors. Up to 95% filtration efficiency, a 360-degree three dimensional breathing space,provide anti-dust protection for you.
3.Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable, reduce skin irritation.
4.High elastic rubber band, absorb sweat and not tight
5.With a concealed plastic nose, anti fog, built in cartilage bridge, can be adjusted to avoid voids and reduce the inhalation of harmful substances.
6.Folding thin section, lightweight and easy to use


Why do you need a face mask?
Suitable for people: Cleaner,Builder, Farmer,Doctor,Student.
Suitable for the occasion:Fog and haze weather,Gray sky, Hospital,Fog weather,Flu season, Dust weather, Snow weather, Building site.
Product introduction: the product is made of Nonwoven fabric such as ultrasonic heating, spot welding and banding with processes.
It is designed with nasal splint and of ear hanging type,for better fitting with various types of faces, and the brim sealed with particlefree ultrasonic wave guarantees comfortable wearing.
This type of disposable three-layer mask consists of two layers of non-woven fabrics and a piece of filter paper,capable of filtering out bacteria at a rate of 95% and above,It has good air permeability, comfortable to wear,dust prevention and sterilization, Environment friendly and wholly plastic strip is adopted for the part over the bridge of the nose, so it can be adjusted at will to fit the line of your bridge of nose,without glass fibre,hypoallergenic.



1pcs one color bag


inner box Size: 195*140*140mm


Outer carton size: 745*460*320mm 1000pcs per carton

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